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Thrillist | Best Breweries in the US to Drink at Right Now

Tip One Back at the 34 Best Breweries in the U.S.

Dank IPAs, crispy pilsners, mouth-puckering fruited kettle sours—at these beer dens, the world is your oyster stout.

We live in a golden age of craft brewing, one where more than 8,000 breweries are currently pouring everything from juicy hazy IPAs and tangy goses to traditional Belgian ales and, believe it or not, session-style stouts. Sure, there are the punch-to-mouth double IPAs—they’re not going away, neither are the hazys—but classic styles and beer-flavored beers are making an unabashed comeback on taps everywhere. The 30-plus breweries on this list range from old-school favorites making new waves to up-and-comers offering destination-worthy pours. As chosen by our own brewery brain trust of beer minds, here are the best breweries to grab a pint right now.

Templin Family Brewing

Utah is known for a lot of things—craft beer isn’t one of them. When Kevin Templin moved from Maine it was primarily to become a ski bum, but after about four years he started Templin Family Brewing in 2018 with his wife, Britt. There, they showcase classic industrial-style lagers in an open brewhouse-and-taproom setting. For Templin, it’s all about the slow pours on a clean cold fermented pilsner with the densest meringue-like foam you have ever put your lips to. Sure, T.F. Brewing might get down with a juicy IPA dusted with thiol-boosting phantasm powder sourced from New Zealand-grown Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc grapes, but it will damn sure be poured through a slow pour flow controlled faucet.

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